Major Sale Until Dec. 31st

Hello!!! I would love you get a good deal. I have loved getting to know all my customers and want to save you a few bucks. Thank you for the wonderful year.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dancer Mess-ups on sale, 50% off

When I made these, I did not read it well enough. It is supposto say "Dancing is like Dreaming with your feet" I wrote it the wrong way. "Dreaming is like dancing with your feet".

So, it is 50% off so I don't have to keep wrong inventory. (no one would know but you)

Monday, December 21, 2009

$5 Pendants

Pendant 1 (above)
Pendant 2 (above)

Pendant 3 (above)

Pendant 4 (above)

Pendant 5 (above)

pendant 6 (above)

Pendant 7 (above)

Pendant 8 (above)

Pendant 9 (above)

Pendant 10 (above)

Man, I would just love to let someone enjoy these for $5. What a deal! Email me the name of the pendant, description, and pendant #. First come first serve.

Discounted Pendants 50% off!!! (while supplies last and or . . .)

Front: Marilyn Monroe (above) #1
Front: Audrey Hepburn Kissing (above) (available in Black) #2

Back: Audrey Hepburn Kissing (above) #2

Front: Tea Party (above)#3

Back: Tea Party (above)#3

Front: Black Feather with Glitter (above) #4

Front: Little Girl Riding Horse (above) #5

Back: Little Girl riding Horse (above) #5
"If Life isn't meant to be enjoyed why live at all?"

Front: Pink Chandelier (above) (comes in silver also) #6

Back: Pink Chandelier (above) #6

Front: Wish Upon a Star (above) #7
Back: Wish upon a Star (above) #7

Rotating Inventory 50% off (effective Dec. 24th)